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Quotes about Medical


Suspend or Omit

It is an art of no  little importance to administer  medicines properly,  but it is an art of much greater and more difficult acquisition to  know when to suspend or altogether to omit them

Phillip Pinel 1745-1826


One Drug

The young physician starts life with twenty drugs for each disease, and the old physician ends life with one drug for twenty diseases.

William Osler



The human’s “desire to take medicine” carries, however, a price tag. Nature’s maladies are succeeded by iatrogenic hazards. Arising out of a restorative instinct, polypharmacy becomes itself an affliction


Read it Slow

I think of physic as much good or ill as any one would have me: for we have no traffic together. I am of a quite contrary humour to other men, for I always despise it; but when I am sick, instead of recanting, or entering into composition with it, I begin…to hate and fear it, telling them who importune me to take physic, that at all events they must give me time to recover my strength and health, that I may be the better able to support and encounter the violence and danger of their potions.

Michel Eyquem de Montaigne



Evidence Based medicine is a discipline that requires prior evidence of the value for everything except itself.



The weller you are the more drugs you can take without getting sick. That’s why doctors don’t get into more trouble than they do with therapy

Eugene A Stead, Jr.


Moses and God Dialogue

“Whence come disease and healing?” asked the prophet Moses of God. “From me,” was the reply. “What purpose do doctors serve?” “They earn their living and cultivate hope in the heart of the patient until I either take away his life or give him back his health.”